Akira Himekawa’s manga adaptation of the Legend of Zelda series has long been a major touchstone for fans. The Zelda Dungeon Discord channel and article comments reveal that, for a good number of our community, the beloved graphic novels were a key first exposure to Link’s adventures. For older fans like me, the books have been wonderful to share with our children, as they flesh out the world and lore of Hyrule.

Amid the flurry of excitement surrounding Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity last week, publisher VIZ Media finally dropped what appears to be the definitive way to experience Himekawa’s epic storytelling. The Legendary Edition box set of Himekawa’s series, first announced in March of this year, collects the hardcover deluxe editions of the Ocarina of TimeOracle of Ages & SeasonsMajora’s Mask & A Link to the PastThe Minish Cap Phantom Hourglass, and Four Swords adaptations in one epic package. The ongoing Twilight Princess manga is not included.

Little touches like hearing the famous chime when opening the chest-shaped box is sure to thrill any collector! Inside, readers will find five large, beautifully designed hardcovers and an exclusive poster! Be sure to watch the release trailer that VIZ published on its YouTube channel.

If you plan to pick up this box set, you can check it out at VIZ’s digital storefront, or hit up your local bookseller or comic shop.

Will you be tracking down this legendary collection? Do you have any special memories of reading one of them? We’d love to hear in the comments!

Source: Viz Media

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