Greetings, my big ol’ Zelda family. What say you to another exhilarating Zelda Dungeon Caption Contest? We started preparing for the Halloween season last week by presenting a spooky screenshot from the upcoming Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. And while we won’t see any more Smash Bros. images this month, we will definitely see more scary and sinister pictures for you to caption. We’re focusing on one of the Zelda series’ most dreaded enemies this week: the Floormaster. So, without further delay, let’s get this thing started.

Last Week’s Contest:

Young Link grew quite grimdark in the presence of the full moon.

By: Multificionado

By: Taylor Wells

By: Thortok

And here our non-photo caption winners:

  • Oliver Feins: Saria: “Why Link!? Why would you kill everyone in the village?”
    Link: “To test the limits of my abilities.”
  • IceRod: “Nice wig and contacts, Link, but Halloween is still almost a month away!”
  • HylianHero33: “When you finally get readded to Smash after all these years, but another little Link took your spot.”
  • Unkown: “When you just started the boss fight but you need to got to the restroom”
  • Lifeoflink: “When Link learns there is no Trick and Treating in Hyrule…”
    Link: “GIVE ME MY CANDY!!”

This Week’s Contest:

Is that any way to treat your partner, Link?

Here are the guidelines:

  • Please refrain from using offensive material (racial, sexual, overuse of offensive language, etc.) We want to make the contest fun and accessible for fans of all ages. When in doubt, keep it Nintendo.
  • If you don’t have the ability to edit the image, just leave it as a comment. We make sure to have a separate list of winners for this category.
  • Photo editing and manipulation (i.e. Photoshop) is allowed, but these entries will be part of a separate list of winners for this category.
  • Everyone is entitled to their own opinion at Zelda Dungeon. In fact, we encourage discussion based on those opinions. However, please do not insult other fans’ work. What may be funny to one person may not hold true for another…and that’s OK.
  • Have fun and be creative!

Don’t forget to check back throughout the week and upvote your favorites, and, who knows?  Maybe you will be one of next week’s winners!

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