So the other day we made quite the stir posting about a girl stripping from a Samus costume. Well it’s not the first time Samus took it all off. Along with Samus, Link strips into becoming Zelda, who naturally strips down further. Peach hands out cupcakes as she bares it all. A few other game characters do their thing as well, and this was back in 2009. The big deal with this show is it was based on votes by gamers who frequent g4, and it happens the first tuesday of every month. Now, this particular show started back in 2009, and the point of this post is to show that just because they take clothes off doesn’t make it evil.

For those complainers out there over this being inappropriate (yes, we hear you), this is a Burlesque show, and is actually considered a legitimate art form. While it may play out every geeks fantasy (their favorite characters baring it all) it is meant for pure entertainment. They don’t take tips on the stage (like at a normal strip club) and they don’t do private shows or lap dances. They are stripping, but they aren’t “strippers”. You can find out more about Burlesque here.

If I must say, the overall show looks highly entertaining and well worth the money to see. They aren’t the hottest girls on the planet, but they don’t have to be. This is definitely one art form I can really appreciate.

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