Zelda Oracle Sword BeamThe Zelda series has introduced many innovative and enjoyable game play

elements which have then been reused in future titles. From the mighty

Hero’s Bow to the common Bomb, many items and actions have appeared in

almost every Zelda game due to popularity and story continuation.

However, why is it that one of the most original and exciting features,

the Sword Beam, has been omitted from the series?

The Sword Beam function was first introduced in The Legend of Zelda.

When at maximum health, Link would fire sword-shaped lasers form the

tip of his blade which acted as effective projectiles. This offered an

alternative to those masterful enough to keep themselves out of danger,

and these beams offered the perfect alternative to using precious arrow

ammo. Almost every Zelda fan loved this invention: the ability to shoot

down Octorok’s, Tektite’s and Moblin’s with lasers from Link’s sword

from across the screen. A Link to the Past Sword BeamDue to popularity, this original game play

technique re-appeared in many future games: The Adventure of Link, A Link to the Past, Link’s Awakening, the Oracles games, Four Sword Adventures and The Minish Cap.

However, all of these titles have been 2D games, where the world of

Hyrule was viewed from above. Why is it that the prestigious Sword Beam

has not been included in 3D titles, such as Ocarina of Time?

There were rumours that the Master Sword in Ocarina of Time

would be able to shoot beams when Link was at full health, but the game

offered no such feature. Instead, Zelda fans were given the Spin

Attack, another previously used technique. While the Spin Attack was an excellent addition to Link’s

arsenal in the 3D environment, it was not the Sword Beam that many fans dreamed of wielding

while trekking through Hyrule Field or Ganon’s castle. Nintendo

accepted that fans wanted to see a traditional game play element return

to the series, and so they decided to incorporate the Sword Beam into

the sequel of Ocarina of Time: Majora’s Mask. However,

fans were once again disappointed. The function was only available at

the very end of the game to players who had collected all the masks and

obtained the Fierce Deity Mask.

Fierce Deity Majora's Mask Sword BeamNintendo has often tried to

improve on elements that they felt were underdeveloped, flawed or

simply repetitive. Some items throughout the series have been revamped,

such as the Gale Boomerang, and many dungeon designs have been through

major changes. Unfortunately, the Sword Beam was not worked on and was

never seen again in a 3D Zelda title. I for one am disappointed in

Nintendo. They knew that they had created an original attack that fans

enjoyed, yet they have not put in the effort to implement this creation

properly into a 3D Zelda game. Zelda Wii is fast approaching, and with

the likelihood of the Wii Motion Plus being used in the game, the

Sword Beam could be yet another fantastic use of the Wii’s innovative


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