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The Shrine Quest will begin immediately when you first reach the Thundra Plateau. This area is located directly west of the Ridgeland Tower and when you arrive there is a continuous thunderstorm. You will immediately get your mission.

When the four spirits have been settled in their proper places, they will guide you to the hero’s trail.

There are two orbs that are on top of the plateau in the center of the area. On each side of the plateau there are some rocky areas where you can climb up to get on top. The Purple orb is the easiest one to get as it right there on the ground. Lift it up and place the orb into the hole that is right in front of the purple statue.

There is also the green orb, but this one is on top of a statue. There is no way to climb up, since it is constantly raining in this area. There are two ways that we can easily get this orb down. You can use Revali’s Gale to launch yourself up and then grab the orb. Drop down and then put it in its proper spot. Alternatively, what you can do is use Stasis from down below to freeze the orb. Then shoot it with a couple arrows to create enough kinetic energy so that when the orb unfreezes, it will fall off the statue.

The other two orbs are both off the plateau and are a bit more challenging to reach. If you have Revali’s Gale, you can use it to get on top of the pillars where the two remaining orbs are located. Once you are on top of a pillar, you can grab the orb and bring it to the edge the platform, so that it is closer to the plateau. From there you can use Stasis on the orb to freeze it and then launch it ahead with a number of strikes.

If you do not have Revali’s Gale, then you will need to use Stasis to get the orbs down. Freeze them with Stasis and shoot them with arrows to bring them down below. Pickup the orbs and carry them just north of the plateau. Here you will find a smaller plateau here that you can climb up to. It’s still lower then the larger plateau, but it is high enough where you can drop the orb, cast Stasis on it, and hit it enough times to launch it onto the plateau. You will need to hit the orb enough times so that the arrow turns red, launching it onto the plateau.

Once all four orbs are on the plateau, place them in their corresponding locations to complete the Shrine Quest.

Shrine Walkthrough

You can view the full Toh Yahsa Shrine Walkthrough page or check out the video below.