Location of Shrine

  • View location on the Breath of the Wild Interactive Map.
  • Located just west of the Ridgeland Tower at the Thundra Plateau
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  • As soon as you arrive in the area, it will trigger a shrine quest titled the Trial of Thunder

Video Guide


Just west of the Ridgeland Tower, you will find an area that is surrounded by shallow water. This is the Thundra Plateau and as soon as you approach the area it will start a scene where it begins the Shrine Quest titled, the Trial of Thunder. On top of the plateau here there are four statues, each with a corresponding color and element. Within the area there are four colored orbs and you need to place them into the proper hole.

There are two orbs that are right on top of the plateau, the purple one being the easiest to find, as it is just on the ground. Lift it up and place the orb into the whole in front of the purple statue. There is also the green orb, but this one is on top of a statue. There are two ways to easily get this orb down. Since it is constantly raining, it’s very hard to climb the statue. You can use Revali’s Gale to launch yourself up and then grab the orb. Alternatively, what you can do is use Stasis to freeze the orb in time. Then hit it with at least two arrow shots. This will create enough kinetic energy so that when the orb unfreezes, it will fall off the statue.

The other two orbs are both off the plateau and are a bit more challenging to get into their respective holes. If you have Revali’s Gale, you can use it to get on top of the pillars where the two remaining orbs are located. From there you can grab the orbs and drop them at the edge of the platform, close to the plateau. Use Stasis on the orbs and then hit them enough times to create a ton of kinetic energy eventually launching them onto the plateau.

If you do not have Revali’s Gale, no worries, but you’ll need some arrows. You can use Stasis on the orbs from down below and then shoot them with arrows. The energy will cause them to fall down to the ground level. Pickup the orbs and carry them just north of the plateau. There is a smaller plateau here that you can climb up to. It’s still lower then the larger plateau, but it is high enough where you can drop the orb, cast Stasis on it, and hit it enough times to launch it onto the plateau.

On each side of the plateau there are some rocky areas where you can climb up to get on top. Place all four of the orbs into their respective slots and it will cause the shrine to appear.

The shrine is filled with cracked boulders throughout and the first thing you want to do is run around the shrine, destroying all the boulders with bombs. You’ll uncover a few goodies. The first of which is a treasure chest located right beneath the start of the shrine. Open the treasure chest to find some Rubber Armor.

You will also find a large metal block in the center of the shrine and if you look at the right side of the shrine, there is a large pillar with a treasure chest on top of it. Grab the metal block with Magnesis and use it to knock down the treasure chest that is on top of the pillar. Open up the treasure chest to get an Opal.

At the back of the shrine, beneath the massive group of blocks there is a very large floor switch, so be sure to clear that out. Before that, look above to the alter where the monk is located and you’ll see a ladder. In order to reach it, you’ll need to place the metal block so serve as a stepping stone to reach the ladder. Once you are on the higher platform, turn back around and grab the metal block with Magnesis. Move the block to drop it on the massive floor switch. This will open the gate leading to the monk.

Climb the ladder to reach monk, Toh Yahsa. He will reward you with a Spirit Orb.