Since the initial announcement for Breath of the Wild , a single question has left Zelda fans pondering; Where does the latest Zelda entry belong in the timeline? Speculations have arisen evaluating the connection of Breath of the Wild to games in different timelines. The Hyrule Historia included a chronological timeline for the Zelda series, with the timeline splitting into three different possibilities from Ocarina of Time: the Adult Era, the Child Era and the Era where The Hero is Defeated; but certain aspects of Breath of the Wild, like the different races and enemies, cause the biggest contradictions to theories relevant to any timeline, making it hard to find a definitive answer.

A YouTuber by the name of AndresRestart expanded on his own hypothesis to Breath of the Wild‘s timeline placement. Andres’ premise relates to the probability of another timeline in correlation to every player’s experience, similar to limitless alternate universes occurring all at once. Though I may agree with the option of another possible timeline, devised from Ocarina of Time, I don’t think the intention of Breath of the Wild‘s timeline placement is meant to revolve around an individual’s playthrough of the game. Rather, the timeline is a more solid rendition of what happens to Link in Ocarina of Time, reducing the limit of possible universes. The possibilities that come from each individual’s play though is too perpetual to allow a legitimate timeline to exist. But, maybe that is Nintendo’s true intention.

Check out Andres’ deeper explanation in the video above!  Tell us what you think about parallel universes and where you think Breath of the Wild belongs in the comments below!

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