This time around we really need to give Grezzo (the team behind the remake) some credit: They brought an old and outdated feature back and made it so fresh and so clean clean. Shard of Agony appears to be a replacement item for the original Stone of Agony. For those who don’t remember, Stone of Agony was a “hint” item that helped you discover secrets in the game, such as hidden Rupees or pieces of heart. However, the way it informed you (get it) of the hint is no longer possible on the 3DS.

People originally played Ocarina of Time on the Wii may not have even known of this item’s functionality, nor cared since it was rendered completely useless in the Wii Virtual Console version if you didn’t use a GameCube controller.


Back in the N64 days, you got the original Stone of Agony by collecting all 20 Gold Skulltulas. It would let you know you where near a secret item by rumbling the controller, assuming you had the rumble pack plugged in of course. The new and improved Shard of Agony “resonates”. What this means is it makes a “pinging” noise as well as shows an icon in the upper left hand corner of your screen.

This, in essence, brings a very under utilized aspect of Ocarina of Time back to the forefront. Who knows what other improvements may be laying in wait, but we’ll see what we can find as soon as the review copy shows up. What do you guys think about this new and improved item?

Source: IGN

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