Ocarina of Time 3D is approaching release fast, and now we have a brand new trailer from over in Japan, and it is epic. The trailer even has its own special music which mixes together some classics like Hyrule Field and the series main theme. Could this perhaps be a hint that there will be some redone music in the end after all?

There’s also plenty of new footage of things we haven’t yet seen such as the Spirit Temple, getting sucked into Jabu Jabu, and much much more.

UPDATE: You saw it coming: Alex decided to crack open his old book of tricks and break down the trailer’s finer moments everything he could possibly think of. Check out his impressions below. You can also view an HD version of the trailer on our Youtube channel.

  • This trailer starts off with the opening crawl we’re all familiar with by now; still lookin’ good!
  • At about 30 seconds in, we head back into the Deku Tree, seeing Link jump across some platforms
  • More of Link jumping – this time in Dodongo’s Cavern! First time we’ve gotten official footage of this place outside of the King Dodongo chamber (of course, it’s still just Link jumping)
  • Link runs towards the Forest Temple as an adult and weaves his way past the Moblin’s attacks in the Sacred Forest Meadow – he looks mean, and oddly reminiscent of the original Moblins from The Legend of Zelda
  • Next up: Link fights a Wolfos in the Forest Temple, then a Stalchild in Hyrule Field
  • We see Link toss a bomb at a wall in Dodongo’s Cavern – everything looks much more fluid now
  • Link battles one of the Parasitic Tentacles in Jabu-Jabu’s Belly; it looks decidedly more evil with those spiky protrusions on the bottom
  • Nice aerial view of Kakariko Village as Link glides over it by Cucco – this place has had a lot of detail packed into it to make it look more alive
  • Zora’s Domain looks freaking beautiful – the deep blue of the water really suits the place, and the cavern itself looks better
  • Link pounds away at a totem in the Fire Temple
  • Water Temple’s lookin’ good, and check out how that Hookshot looks in Link’s hand as he aims it! Much less “clunky” looking than in the original!
  • Gohma’s back for her 1,000th trailer appearance
  • Heeeeere’s Twinrova – she doesn’t quite look as graphically enhanced as some of the other bosses – they say the camera puts on dated textures, though
  • Iron Knuckle brings badass back, Zelda-style
  • Battle footage looks a lot nicer with the improved framerate
  • Poor Link gets sucked into Jabu-Jabu’s open mouth – nicely animated!
  • Link and Shiek play a duet in front of the Forest Temple, with some all-new camera angles, probably to show off the 3D effect
  • Darunia beats the crap out of him – what else are brothers for? Looks much more natural than in the original, naturally (get it?)
  • Ruto gets up close and personal – Link looks genuinely scared here!
  • Speaking of scary, here’s a profile of the Great Fairy
  • Zelda escapes from Hyrule Castle, Link gets cheeky with Ganondorf and pays for it
  • Link freaks the heck out when he gets his first glimpse at Ganon’s Tower – feel the emotion!
  • A bunch of characters flash across the screen – Zelda, Ganondorf, Link, Sheik, and Saria
  • The Chamber of the Sages still looks as otherworldly as ever
  • Link draws the Master Sword – nostalgia trip, anyone?
  • Very sexy logo intro – love that swishing sword!
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