The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks Debate

Welcome to the second Bombers Debate! As of today debates will be released on a regular basis. Generally, the debates will be either general discussions on the topic, with each debater stating their stances or ideas, or a question and answer with each debater answering a question with his or her stance. Join us for this week’s discussion based debate as five of our Bombers (Ben Lamoreux, Alex Plant, Casey Hodges, Ben Spyrou and Dathen Boccabella) discuss the ever potent topic of The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks.

As most know, Spirit Tracks is the recent Nintendo DS game announced by Nintendo. It has been the cause of much excitement, both negative and positive. Some thinking (hoping) it is an April Fools Day joke, others excited just at the prospect of a new Zelda game after two years of waiting.

Here, The Bombers take a look at the possible story and time-line placement of the game. Most, if not all, is speculation but there is much that can be taken just by the short trailer released by Nintendo.

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