Boba Fett does Zelda

A popular figure on New York City streets was filmed dozens of times by visitors of NYC’s Comic-Con. The star? Nathan Stodola, an engineering student working towards his graduate degree at Columbia University. One reason Nathan is so popular is his attire. Nathan is always seen wearing the same helmet worn by Boba Fett from Star Wars. Nathan’s skill on the accordion is not stellar, but it’s his content that keeps people entertained. He plays movie favorites like Indiana Jones and Star Wars, and of course video game themes like the Legend of Zelda’s “Song of Storms”:

He wears his Boba Fett helmet for all of his performances. It’s a poorly made paper machĂ© replica, but that adds to the quirkyness of the performer, and has become his signature. Nathan started playing accordion when he discovered the instrument, abandoned, in his mother’s closet. He began only one year ago in February at New York’s last Comin-Con, and since then he was convinced to play more regularly. When he added the Boba Fett helmet he saw increased success:

From time to time I get people that say, “You should take the helmet off,” or, “It’d be great to see your face.” or something like that, but, uh, a little bit more frequently I get people that come by and, uh, tip me and say, “This is for the helmet alone.”

It’s great to hear about an individual who loves his craft the way Nathan does. To hear him talk about it is both educational and entertaining. I love his music and I’d like to see him in person. What do you guys think of this character? Do you enjoy his music? or do you find the accordion annoying? Let us know in the comments.

More gratuitous Zelda music:


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