Blue Friday

Hey all, I hope you all had a simply wonderful thanksgiving and spent some good laughs with family! We have a bunch of exciting content today. First and foremost, we have a beautiful new layout made by my fellow webmaster, Caleb. It’s themed after the Temple of Droplets from The Minish Cap and has lots of nifty spirtes.

With this impressive layout comes a whole bunch of brand new content, but first, an important announcement. Zelda Dungeon has found a new partner website. The sites name is Zelda’s Secret Ocarina. ZSO is a site that is dedicated to rare beta findings, hackings, glitches, and much more. They are what one might call, an underground Zelda website, but not for much longer. Their exclusive content will now be featured at Zelda Dungeon. All the latest in their news and new findings will be posted right here on the front page. Their website is currently undergoing an overhaul and should be fully updated within a few days. At that time, the webmaster will give his proper introduction and we will have a nice preview page to all of their great content.

We can’t stray far before returning to Phantom Hourglass, and as such, we have completed the Power, Wisdom, and Courage Gem pages. All of these pages now have full descriptions, locations, and images cropped from the strategy guide and are all available in the Phantom Hourglass section. The Phantom Hourglass walkthrough has also been updated with the release of parts 6 and 7. The walkthrough now takes Link through the completion of the Temple of Courage. Whew!

We also have a huge upgrade to the Image Gallery. The entire Legend of Zelda section has been scrapped and redone. What you now see is the most complete Legend of Zelda section for artwork, screenshots, maps, sprites, guide scans, and much more. Most of the images were compiled from several Zelda website sources, most notably Zelda Legends and Zelda Legacy. The rest of the images were pictures that I cropped from the guides or were submitted to Zelda Dungeon over the years.

Vic and I have released our next NES review. For those of you unfamiliar with the project, Vic and I take a look at classic titles for the original NES. We give a good mixture of facts and comedy to make it an enjoyable show. Our newest review is of a fairly decent title, Sky Shark. If you are a Zelda fan, it is a must watch as there are some pretty comical cut scenes throughout the video. For a complete listing of all our reviews, check out the Mas & Vic section just to your left.

Small updates here and there can also be seen throughout the site. The Site History page has been updated including a revised history of Zelda Dungeon now including everything up to what you see today. In addition to that, the Zelda Dungeon article on the Zelda Wiki has been updated, now including a brief summary, the staff, and the entire history.

Along with Layout 15, the forums have been updated to fit the theme. A lot of exciting things are happening here at Zelda Dungeon. Feel free to make comments on The Dark World (our forums) and tell us what you think of the new layout, the Mas & Vic review, the walkthroughs, etc. The input will help us to make even cooler stuff in the future!

Once again, I hope you all had an awesome thanksgiving, and good luck shopping for Christmas!

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