Jonathan Ross, the man who is hosting the Nintendo World event in Amsterdam the same day that the Nintendo World event is happening in New York, has been letting slip a few things through his twitter account the last 24 hours. Here is what he said, word for word:

A few other faves coming as well – plus a few unexpected revivals!! Can say no more, sorry.

Alright, so we’ll be getting some new unexpected game announcements and reveals. Sweet, so an already major event just became bigger. However, we may even have more insight into some of what could be revealed. In response to a fan who said he was “hoping” for Metroid to make an appearance, Jonathan said “I think you’ll be pleased then….”

Is this confirmation of Metroid 3DS, maybe Metroid Prime 3DS? Will we see an all new Metroid title? Where’s Mario? Bottom line is we’re going to get flooded with so much news and information I don’t think any site will be able to keep up, and if a new Metroid game gets shown off the world could explode.

Source: Nintendo Everything

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