Last week, there were rumors flying around that Sega was preparing to announce a new Sonic game for all modern consoles on February 2nd. While most of the world celebrates groundhog day every year, Sonic fans celebrate February 2nd as Hedgehog Day, where Sega traditionally announces their next big Sonic project. Today, The Sonic Team has confirmed that a small group of their developers will be appearing on an online TV show called Puyo-Puyo on this year’s Hedgehog Day. We can only assume their guest appearance will lead to a big announcement. If you’d like to watch the stream when it goes live, you can get yourself set up here.

What kind of announcement are you hoping for? The rumors from last week made it sound like a new game in the style of Sonic Adventure. Are you still waiting for Sonic Adventure 3? Or would you prefer a new game in the style of Sonic Colors?

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