Nice logo you got there.Well, only If the Wii U has enough power to run their games. For those of you who’ve never heard of Bethesda, they’re there the people who made Oblivion and Fallout 3 (two highly rated RPGs on Metacritic). If the Wii U is powerful enough (which it most likely will be) then we’ll be seeing highly anticipated titles like Skyrim, Rage, and maybe even Pray 2 running on our sexy little Wii U. Here’s what Pete Hines, their VP in marketing had to say.

Our motto has always been: We want to make our gmaes available to the widest audience possible on whatever platforms that will support the game…So to whatever extent new consoles fit with the kind of games we are making and support them technologically, we would certainly do that.

Sounds good to me. I think a game like Oblivion would be a lot easier to work with using the Wii U controller’s touch screen. You know, with the idea of using it as an inventory management screen, or a map, or anything else you can possibly think of, or that’s already been suggested by either Nintendo or other developers. Hines also went on to talk about why they didn’t have interest in developing titles for the Wii.

The Wii wasn’t even an option – we would have to make wholesale changes to the games we were making on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC to make them work on Wii.

Makes sense to me. Games like Fallout 3 would have to be massively scaled down in order to be ported to the Wii. Much like the port of Dead Rising, with the smaller amount of zombies on screen and the lower resolution. Not saying all Wii ports were bad. Call of Duty did pretty well.

With Valve and Bethesda both showing interest in Nintendo’s new baby, Nintendo fans can look forward to some epic third party support. Those plus Nintendo’s legendary first party power houses should send the Wii U on top of the gaming food chain.

Source: CVG (Via Gonintendo)

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