Although it would be cool to see this guitarist perform his version of the “Song of Storms” and then travel back in time to teach it to his past self, such a thing isn’t possible. Instead, fans of this arrangement will have to settle for listening to it several times on repeat.

The guitarist playing in the above video is Tom Winter, and he’s a self described “solo fingerstyle guitarist and composer” from the United Kingdom. He arranges both original and video game music for guitar and has several Zelda tunes on his YouTube channel.

Winter’s cover of the “Song of Storms” is light and bouncy. The song’s airy feel makes it really hard not to bob one’s head to the rhythm and melody. His cover is done in four parts, and he plays all of them on a split screen at the same time, showing his ability to sync up separate performances and put them together into one complete song.

Anyone interested in supporting Winter’s music can do so on where his songs are for sale. He’s made four tracks available for purchase, and fans of Winter’s guitar arrangements can set their own price when buying his music.

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