First, a question: What is the Majora’s Mask Opera?

Well good sir and/or madam, it started when Miguel Bulteau saw the Zelda Symphony Orchestra performing for the 25th Anniversary of The Legend of Zelda. Bulteau wondered if a Legend of Zelda-related opera would be possible, and his response to himself: “Why not?”

The story of the opera itself revolves around two masks: Majora’s Mask and the Sun Mask, which represent two conflicting symbols in the wrong hands. Inspired by Koji Kondo’s and Toru Minegishi’s work on Majora’s Mask, Bulteau and several others have been constructing this opera from scratch since early 2012. Bulteau has managed to obtain over 2000 likes on Facebook and has kept eager fans company by posting demos from the opera. Despite the support the project already receives, the fact that an opera is difficult to create still remains. That, dear reader, is where you come in!

Earlier this year, Bulteau posted a video on his YouTube channel where he along with his friend, Miguel Jesus, gave updates on the opera’s status and asked for support and specific help. Check out the video, look at some of the demos to understand just what the Majora’s Mask Opera is, and support the project! It does not matter if you are an opera fan, a Majora’s Mask fan, both, or neither, Bulteau’s music and artistic contributions to the world are for all to enjoy.

Also, another question: what do you think about the idea of an opera based off of The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask? Leave a comment down below!

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