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“When I was a young man, I had liberty, but I did not see it. I had time, but I did not know it. And I had love, but I did not feel it.” – Ezio Auditore

Having found his way to the Vault where Ezio’s Apple of Eden rested, Desmond has been forced to kill Lucy. Going into shock and trapped inside a coma, Desmond has been placed inside the Animus once more. Desmond must find his way back to the real world and regain his consciousness, but there’s a certain someone waiting for him inside the Animus. Someone who has been guiding Desmond to the truth.

Ezio’s Story

Having traveled all the way to Masyaf in hopes of finding out Altair’s secrets and finding his place in the struggle between the Assassins and the Templars. Ezio was quickly met with opposition upon his arrival and was captured by the enemy Templars and prepared for execution at the same location Altair had stopped Robert’s attack on the Assassins.

With his quick thinking, Ezio escaped and found the entrance to Altair’s library and found out that he needed five specific keys to open the door. The Templars had already found the first key and Niccolo Polo’s journal would be able to lead him to the remaining keys. After finding and killing the Templar captain Leandros inside the Atlas village, Ezio took back the journal and discover the remaining keys were in Constantinople.

Ezio soon found himself talking to Yusuf Tazim, the local Assassins Guild’s leader. Ezio was also quick in befriending Saluiman I, a student who would later become the 10th Sultan of the Ottoman Empire. Searching for Niccolo’s old trading post, Ezio soon found Sofia Sartor, an Italian traveler and book collector. The two would quickly develop a friendship that would eventually result in marriage.

Ezio quickly found the first Masyaf Key and an encoded map from the Yerebatan Cistern. The map lead Ezio to each remaining key, each of which housed one of Altair’s own memories. As a result of the encoded memories, Ezio was able to relive select parts of Altair’s life in a manner similar to that of the Animus.

In Constantinople, a conflict between Prince Ahmet and Selim emerged. The brothers were fighting over who was the proper heir of the Sultanate and in the midst of the fight, Ezio discover Suleiman was an Ottoman prince and told Ezio that Templars were likely behind the brother’s fued.

Ezio was asked to find if the Janissary captain Tark Barleti was involved in an Ottoman conspiracy. Ezio found that Manuel Palaiologos was trying to overthrow the Ottomans and Tark had been giving him the necessary weapons to do so. Ezio was then asked of Suleiman to kill Tarik for treason, which Ezio easily accomplish. However, Tarik told Ezio that he wanted to lure the Templars out and discover where they were hiding.

Ezio went back to Suleiman and told him that the Templars were located outside in Cappadocia where Manuel fled. Suleiman gave Ezio a ship to Cappadocia where Ezio pursued Palaiologos after destroying the Grain Chain that was raised across the Golden Horn in an attempt to prevent Ezio from escaping.

Inside Cappadocia, Ezio met Tarik’s spy Dilara and rescued her from allies from Shahkulu. Ezio the learned from Dilara that all of Manuel’s weapons were broken but had real gunpowder. Ezio destroyed the weapons and killed Manuel soon afterwards. Upon recovering the final Masyaf Key, Ezio found that Ahmet was the mastermind behind the Templar’s plant to uncover Altair’s library and that he knew of Sofia.

Racing back to Constantinople to save Sofia, Ezio found that Ahmet had killed Yusuf and kidnapped Sofia. Ezio found Ahmet and agreed to exchange the keys for Sofia, but immediately chased after Ahmet. Recovering the keys from Ahmet, Selim arrived with his army and told him that Sultan Bayezid would be his successor and strangled Ahmet, throwing him off a cliff to his death.

Because Ezio and Suleiman were friends, Selim let’s Ezio live, but tells him to leave Constantinople and to never return. Later, with Sofia, Ezio returns to Masyaf where Ezio explains the true meaning behind the Assassin’s Creed as he entered Altair’s library, leaving Sofia outside the gate. Once inside, Ezio discovered the remains of Altair and the final key.

Making his way to the Apple that Altair hid behind one of the library’s walls, Ezio hesitated and stopped. Ezio slowly took off his weapons, dropping them to the floor. The Apple began to glow and created a hologram of Desmond to which Ezio spoke to, knowing he would be listening to him. Ezio noted that he had seen enough for his lifetime and accepted that he was being used as a conduit to deliver messages to Desmond. Telling Desmond to make sure his life’s struggles are worth the effort, Desmond was sent to the Synch Nexus and Ezio retired from his life as an Assassin.

Altair’s Story

With the help of Altair’s keys, Ezio is able to relive key parts of Altair’s life. The first key allows Ezio to see Altair’s life, two years before the events that occurred in Solomon’s Temple. At the age of 24, Altair witnesses Masyaf being invaded by Templars with the help of a traitor to the Assassins, Haras. Rescuing the Assassins from the Templars, Altair meets with Abbas. Abbas tries to convince Altair that all hope is lost and that they should flee. Al Mualim had been captured and was still inside the fortress along with other Assassins. Altair then gave Abbas an order to flank the Templars and lead them into the canyon while he would rescue Al Mualim.

Altair made his way to the fortress and rescued as many villagers as possible. Haras close the gates to the fortress, keeping Altair locked outside while planning the execution of Al Mualim. Altair then climbed around the fortress and inside past the gates and assassinated Haras, saving Al Mualim.

Having earned Al Mualim’s respect, he was promoted to a Master Assassin. Furious, Abbas spit at Altair’s feet, mocking him. This would result in Altair developing the arrogant attitude that would lead to his fall from power.

After Al Mualim’s death, Altair had his former mentore’s body burned, to ensure it did not come back to life as a result of the Apple in some way. Abbas was furious at Altair for what he had done, as were other villagers. Although Altair tried to explain his reasoning, he wasn’t heard and the Order divided into two groups. One group followed Altair without question, while the other group believed Altair killed Al Mualim to become the next Mentor.

Attacked by the Assassins who thought him a traitor, Altair became distracted and Abbas stole the Apple and fled. Abbas used the Apple shortly afterwards, but it was too much for him to bear and it began to drain his life. Altair proceeded to confront Abbas and took the Apple back. Abbas asked for forgivness as Altair began to question what the Apple was truly capable of. Altair eventually convinced those who thought he was a traitor, of Al Mualim’s guilt and was accepted as the next mentor.

Returning to Masyaf in 1228, Altair and Maria find that Malik has been imprisoned with Abbas now leading the Assassins. Altair questioned where his son was, only to find that he had fled to Alamut and Darim left to find his brother.

Arriving at the fortress, Altair found it had been nearly abandoned and lifeless. Altair soon witnessed that Abbas had the entire council under his control. Abbas told Altair that Sef had been killed by Malik after Malik supposedly tired to keep control of the Order only to himself. Altair had become enraged, demanded he be given control of the Order once more, but Abbas happily refused.

Altair, confused infiltrated Masyaf’s prison and made his way to Malik. Altair took Malik back to where he was staying and Malik told him that Abbas had Sef killed and put the blame on him to gain control of the Order. Altair and Maria then confronted Abbas about what had happened.

Upon confrontation, Abbas revealed that he had Malik killed and stated that Altair was not fit to control the Order any more. Abbas demanded the Apple be given to him and was told of how they told Sef that his father ordered his own death. Angry, Altair channeled his rage into the Apple and controlled Swarmi, the Assassin responsible for Sef’s death.

Maria was angry at Altair for letting his anger get the better of him. Just as Swarmi was about to put his dagger against his throat, Altair stopped and accidently stabbed Maria in the spine. Altair vowed revenge for her death and confronted Abbas. Noticing the Assassins who were afraid of him, Altair fled and met with his son Darim inside the village.

About 20 years later, Altair returned Masyaf which was now crumbling from Abbas’s rule. Abbas had fallen into insanity which resulted in a weaker guild of Assassins. Altair brought together the Assassins and had them rebel against Abbas, killing all his captains along the way.

Abbas, who still held a grudge against Altair, sent his men to attack Altair and challenged him to take back the Order without any Assassins dying. Using what he had seen from the Apple, Altair had created a Hidden Gun and used it to kill Abbas.

Dying, Abbas still did not believe what Altair had said about his father decades earlier and hoped to find the truth in the afterlife. Altair then took back control of the Assassin Order.

Years later, Altair was now the Mentore of the Levantine Assassins. Knowing the future that lie ahead of them thanks to the Apple, he put his memories into 5 keys and gave them to Niccolo Polo and his brother Maffeo, having them hide each key. Altair also gave both of them his Codex in hopes that they would spread the Assassins throughout the rest of the world.

Altair returned to Masyaf Castle and entered the now empty Library as he said goodbye to his son Darim. Inside, Altair place the Apple on a pedestal and sealed it away. Old and tired, Altair sat down and put his last memory into a final key just as he passed away.

Desmond’s Story

Having slipped into a coma and placed back inside the Animus, Desmond Mile’s subconscious soon found itself inside the Animus. Desmond found himself on a small island known as the Black Room/Animus Island, a safe area inside the Animus. There he found Clay Kaczmarek’s conscious. Clay had been guiding Desmond since Ezio’s story and told Desmond he was Subject 16.

Clay told Desmond that his mind had been divided into fragments. Desmond had to repair his mind by separating himself from his ancestors. To do so, Desmond would have to live out the rest of his ancestor’s lives till there was nothing else for him to see. As a result, Desmond would reach a synch nexus and the Animus would be able to separate his mind from his ancestors.

Clay informed Desmond of Lucy’s death shortly afterwards. Desmond then recounted the events that had occurred at the Colosseum Vault. Although he was negatively affected, Desmond left and delved back into Ezio’s memories.

Sometime into Ezio’s memories, Desmond overheard his father and Rebecca talking outside the Animus. Discussing the Apple, William noted that unlike Desmond, he didn’t have the proper genes to use the Apple. Rebecca noted shortly afterwards that Desmond most likely did.

Desmond was pulled back into Animus Island and Clay explained that the Animus pulled him back to keep in Safe Mode, keeping him mentally stable. Clay then told Desmond that he would act as a distraction to the Animus, so it wouldn’t see Desmond as a virus and try to delete him.

Returning to Animus Island on multiple occasions, Desmond would enter the Animus’s core, a location of raw data. Here, Desmond would recount events from his past. Memories ranged from his childhood, training as an Assassin, escaping from the farm and living in New York, even to being kidnapped by Abstergo. More importantly, Desmond regretted not listening to his parents and accepting himself as an Assassin. Desmond had prepared himself and was eager to face the hardships life had to offer him.

Clay would eventually confront Desmond and ask him if he would be able to return with him to the real world. Clay would need a new body, causing Desmond to refuse. Clay understood and laughed the situation off. Afterwards, Clay asked if Desmond regretted anything he had done in his past. Desmond noted that he wished he was more patient with his parents and had hoped things with Lucy happened differently.

Eventually, Desmond returned to Animus Island one last time, only to witness the island disintegrating. Clay become hysterical as the Animus was preparing to delete them. Holding onto Desmond, Clay gave Desmond a final goodbye. Instead of killing Desmond like he had suspected, Clay shoved Desmond into Ezio’s final memory, saving him from deletion.

Witnessing Ezio’s discovery of Altair’s Apple, Ezio instead called out to Desmond knowing he would be listening to him, wherever he may be. Ezio told Desmond to figure out the answers to all his questions, resulting in Desmond being sent to the Synch Nexus.

Inside the Synch Nexus, Desmond found Jupiter, another man of the First Civilization. Jupiter explained that there were multiple Vaults across the world to help in the eminent solar flares that would destroy the Earth. Each Vault’s data was sent to the Grand Temple where Juno, Minerva, and Jupiter sorted through the information. They created 6 solutions to the impending doom, but each failed, but a new solution may have arisen.

Before they could find a new solution, a solar flare hit the planet, killing most of the First Civilization. While less than 10,000 humans lived, both repopulated together, in hopes to rebuild humanity. Jupiter tasked Desmond with visiting the Grand Temple, there, Desmond would be able to “open the way.” Jupiter still warned Desmond that he wasn’t certain of what the future held in store for them.

Desmond then woke up from the Coma that had plagued him, to find both Shaun and Rebecca, but more importantly, his father. After waking up, Desmond found his arm covered in blue markings and looking at the Apple. Desmond, knowing what he needed to do, watched his father open the doors to the van. They had found themselves at the ruins of the Grand Temple.


At the age of 65, the retired Assassin Ezio Auditore finds himself living in Tuscany with his wife Sofia and their two children Marcello and Flavia. Sofia had given Ezio a task as he wrote in his study, asking him to keep an eye on Flavia while she and Marcello visited Ezio’s sister Claudia. Ezio left to find Flavia playing outside the Villa and noticed that she had been accompanied by a woman in black clothing.

Racing to Flavia, Ezio confronted the stranger and noticed she had a necklace with the Assassin’s insignia on it. The woman introduced herself as Shao Jun and requested Ezio help her save her people and restore order to them. Ezio refused, noting that he has retired and asked Shao to leave. Sofi disagreed with Ezio and offered her to spend the night. Ezio, suffering from poor health, contemplated how long he had left to live as he watched his children.

The following morning, Ezio found Shao Jun inside his study. Enraged, Ezio forced her out and demanded she leave Italy immediately. Shao explained that she had only wanted to know how to restore order to her people. Ezio noted that he was hesitant to help as it could bring harm to his family.

Taking Shao with him to Florence for the grape harvest, Ezio would end up taking her to the Palazzo della Signoria where his father and brothers had died. Ezio discussed how an Assassin should go about their work and both returned to the Villa. However, they encountered resistance and Shao fought them off and both promptly fled the scene.

Ezio quickly drove home on a carriage and Shao told him that her mentor was the reason she went looking for Ezio. He had been killed in Venice by Imperial soldiers of Emperor Jiajing who were now chasing Shao herself. At the villa, Ezio had Sofia and their kids flee to Machiavelli’s home in case the assailants returned.

Waiting for their return, Ezio and Shao prepared to fight. Ezio gave Shao a small story of how he reformed the order in both Rome and Constantinople and had her rest as he kept watch. As expected, the soldiers returned to battle Ezio and Shao. Ezio saved Shao from an assailant with a cannon and both jumped out the window into the grass field where both defeated the cannon wielding soldier.

The next day, Ezio and Shao said goodbye to one another with Shao thanking Ezio for helping her. Ezio gave Shao a small chest, noting that it would help her one day and she should only open it when she loses her way. Seeing guards approaching his Villa, Ezio has Shao leave before they see her as he distracts them.

A while after, Ezio finally managed to finish writing the letter he had struggled to complete for so long. Sofia entered, telling Ezio that she and Flavia would be leaving to Florence. Ezio decided to join them, leaving their son alone at their house.

In Florence, Ezio sat down at a bench while Sofia and Flavia went shopping. There, a young man soon accompanied Ezio on the bench and quickly berated the women of Florence. Ezio, gasping and weezing from poor health, was told by the young man that he should have courage, telling him to rest as he left. Tired and old, Ezio looked at his wife and daughter one last time. As both looked back at Ezio, their happy expressions changed to those of extreme fear as they see Ezio pass away.

To Be Continued…

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