In Hyrule Warriors there is a fairy speaking on Link’s behalf through both iterations of the character. In Hyrule Warriors Legends, Toon Link is added to the mix. Staying true to the series, the developers clearly didn’t want Link to have his own voice. Since Toon Link doesn’t have a fairy they needed a way for him to speak through someone else. That someone else is Aryll. Thanks to the apparent powers of the Pirate’s Charm (whom Tetra and the King of Red Lions could speak to Link through during his adventures in The Wind Waker), Aryll is able to speak for Link in key situations during the battle. We have confirmed evidence of this in the following video:

You can see it around the 6:10 mark.

Are you happy Aryll speaks for Toon Link? Credit goes out to ZI fan lxbran for finding this little nugget.

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