Are The Triforce and Goddesses Evil?

Golden_GoddessesThere’s a certain story within the Zelda universe I’m sure we’re all familiar with: the creation of the world and Triforce. First brought up in Ocarina of Time it tells of how the three golden goddesses Din, Nayru and Farore cultivated the land, and produced the life forms and laws that govern the world. Upon their departure they created the Triforce which could grant the wish of anyone that touched it. The goddesses watch over Hyrule and have protected it from Ganon’s evil plans but there is some evidence to suggest the goddesses aren’t the caring, divine entities they seem to be. A video by ProtoMario delves into this theory and puts forth a good case.

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I wouldn’t say I was convinced by the evidence put forward in the video but everything certainly fits into place. With how things are going it’s hard to see an end to the constant battles over the Triforce, just as the goddesses possibly planned it, causing more and more people to die in the war for supremacy over Hyrule. It’s plausible that the goddesses don’t care about Hyrule seeing as they have let it be condemned so many times but there could be a grander plan for the greater good we haven’t seen coming.

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Source: YouTube

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