April Community Competitions


Once again we have another month of the community competitions, and you can find all of the threads for the competitions in our Fan Works forum. To participate in the competitions, send a Private Message on the forums to the user who runs the competition containing your entry. All entries are posted in the weekly competitions and voted on by the members of the forums. We get a lot of entries for all of the competitions, so come and participate yourself! Click Read More to see the winners for this month.

Graphics Community Competition

The Graphics Community Competition is the first of the three competitions, and all users may enter any image they have created with the use of a program such as GIMP or Photoshop to compete against others. The coordinator of this competition is the forum user Bigelover88. She receives and posts every entry for the GCC each week.

Week 1


A fantastic Darkrai entry by Hero of Music won the first week of April’s GCC, congratulations!


Week 2

Free Theme

A Pokémon signature also won the Free Theme of the Graphics Community Competition, and was submitted by Ikana. Great entry!


Week 3


The third week featured a rather unique theme, and it went well with FirevsIce taking the victory with his awesome Blue Dragon signature.

Blue Dragon

Week 4

Ocarina of Time

And, to celebrate the holiday, we had an Easter Theme! The winner was Beeker with a great Easter Bunny signature.

Easter Bunny

Random Drawing Contest

With many Zelda themes that are fun to work with, the Random Drawing Contest is hosted by our forum member Random Person.

Week 1

April Fools

LANZZ took the RDC again with his entry for the April Fools theme of the first week.

April Fools

Week 2

Trading Places

Unfortunately, there were no entries for this week of the RDC.

Week 3

Twilight Princess Meets Ocarina of Time

This theme spawned mostly comical entries, and the winner turned out to be our very own Xinnamin!

Midna and Navi

Week 4

Zelda Meets Superheroes

Random Person himself won the final week of the contest for the month of April.

Green Link

Writing Community Competition

Moving onto the Writing Community Competition, which each week has a theme that the competitors must write a short entry about. The users can put their writing talent to work here and test it against the creativity of other authors. This competition is coordinated by Meego7.

Week 1

April Fools

This week brought us two winners, the first being Soldier of Link and the second being Raindrop14. Congratulations to you both!

Soldier of Link
Link knelt beside a shallow spring in Kokiri Forest. He stared intently at the scaly loach gliding through the water, plunging his short fishing rod into the spring. Just as the fish bit his line, and the battle for supremacy began, Link heard a familiar buzzing sound.

“HEY! Listen, Link!” The sudden noise caused Link to lose his concentration, slackening the line and allowing his prized Hylian loach to go free.

“Ah, Link! You lost it!” complained Navi, Link’s companion fairy. Seething, Link slunk into the depths of the forest alone. If only Navi knew how annoying she is, Link pondered. Maybe I can show her…

Navi the fairy floated over Link’s empty hut in Kokiri Forest. Aww, Link’s such a sourpuss, she decided. Suddenly, a sparkling pink fairy shot up next to Navi. “Hi!” she shouted. “Wanna be friends?”

“No,” Navi replied flatly. “I’m looking for someone,” she said as she flew into the Lost Woods. Where could Link have wandered off to?
Navi soon spotted a shadow creeping behind a tree. That must be Link! She sped off to the figure, when all of a sudden, a pair of pink wings stopped her in her tracks. “There you are, Navi! I found you!”

“Why are you following me?” Navi asked angrily. “Because, silly, we’re friends, remember?” the pink fairy replied.

“I don’t think so,” Navi spat and headed off again. Argh! I lost Link! I’ve got to keep looking…

But everywhere Navi turned, there was a shadow, and yet another pair of glittering pink wings. She could not rid herself of this hindrance, and eventually floated unhappily back to Link’s hut, where she found him grinning ear to ear.

“What?!” she demanded. “You met a new friend, I see,” Link smirked. “April Fools!”

It took Link three weeks to get the stingers out of his hair.

The Best Prank Ever

Link was walking through the dark hallways of the bloody dungeon. He had his sword in one hand and his shield in the other. He cautiously walked along the wall, looking for secret passages or traps. He turned the corner and there was a stairway. He looked at the long stretching stairway and tried to see the top, but all he could see was a red carpeted stairway leading into darkness. Link slowly walked up the stairs, making sure he didn’t trigger any traps. After some time he reached the top. At the top was an old wooden door. He reached for the door handle and opened it. When he opened the door he saw a fair sized, round room with red carpeting on the floor. The walls were dimly lit with candles and there were paintings on the walls.
Haven’t I seen this room before? Link thought.
He walked to the middle of the room and stood there. Suddenly, a cloaked figure appeared in front of Link. Slowly the figure turned around, and when Link could see the figures face he saw…………………….Gannon! Link quickly swung his sword at Gannon but Gannon was too fast for him. They fought for a long time, and at the end of the battle, Gannon lay dead with the master sword in his chest.
“Yes! Gannon is finally dead!” exclaimed Link.
“April fools!” said Gannon getting up and stabbing Link with the sword. “Ha ha ha ha ha!”


Week 2

Zelda – Enemies

K4KING unanimously won this theme with his fantastic entry.

The beast of Kakariko

They say there was a beast who plagued Kakariko a long time ago.
The origins of the beast were unknown, so people assumed it was a harmless monster and went on. One night, a child left his toy near the well in the middle of town. He went outside, and never returned. A few days later, the villagers were shocked to see Emerald-like blood near the fountain. They were paralyzed with fear, emerald blood was an unnatural event. Then, a man in a gray cloak, called their attention. He layed a shriveled body near the fountain. One of the villagers shouted in grief, it was the boy who went missing.

The people were panicking, but it went silent when the cloaked man shouted at them to remain silent. He then drew out a satchel filled with red dust and drew a symbol around the well. When he finished, he began chanting a mantra, then suddenly the ground was pounded with an invisible hand. It continued until it pounding and thrashing, until the man grabbed some more red dust and threw it in the air. The monster revealed his form, a one eyed, armless monster. It shrieked and it continued to thrash, but to no avail. The monster got sucked into the well, and was suddenly shot out towards the Kakariko Graveyard. The people were awed to the man’s mystic powers, but the man suddenly disappeared…leaving behind his gray cloak, and a mirror.

Week 3

Ocarina of Time

Go_Dark_Link was kind enough to send in our only entry for this theme, so thank you and congratulations!

As she escaped from the castle on that majestic white horse, the object Zelda had thrown landed in the moat near me. Before I could run over and see what it was, I was intercepted by a man on a spine-chilling black horse. He questioned me about the princess and when I tried frighten him with my sword, he shot a bolt of electricity at me, knocking me down. After he had ridden away, I stood up and dived into the moat, hoping to retrieve the item that had been thrown there. It was a gorgeous, indigo colored ocarina. It glowed with a mystical light that slowly engulfed me, making me loose consciousness. I dreamt the most vivid dream I had ever dreamed. I was in a confusing world where everything was white, as if surrounded by clouds. Princess Zelda was there, and she was holding the ocarina. She motioned me towards her. She played a song that could reach into your soul. Then she handed me the ocarina.
“Play the song,” she said.
“Why?” I asked.
“Because this song will open the door to your destiny, this song will open the doors in the Temple of Time. This is the Ocarina of Time.” Without saying another word, I put the ocarina to my lips and began playing. Once I finished, the ocarina glowed even brighter than before, and I felt a feeling of accomplishment.
“Good luck,” said Zelda parting me from my thoughts, “even though you won’t need it.” The dream then started fading.
“Wait,” I yelled as she faded away with the dream, “will I ever see you again?” She just smiled before a light blinded me.
“Hey!” said the familiar voice as I opened my eyes and found myself at the entrance to the castle.

Week 4

Majora’s Mask

Soldier of Link submitted another fabulous entry to close the month of April!

As a young boy sat atop the Clock Tower, a feeling of warmth enveloped him. The sky no longer exhibited that terrifying sight, the sight that once froze his blood and chilled him to the bone. No, the ordeal was over. No longer would Link have to reset his adventure, and toil with the thought of dooms-day. He had suffered enough in the final battle against Majora. The horrifying scenes still infected his dreams at night, but those were not real. He was finally safe.

Link scuttled down the wall of the Tower and landed in the center of Clock Town. As if out of habit, Link turned left and made his way through East Clock Town, sneaking down the dark alley that housed the Bombers’ hideout and observatory. Leaping across the platforms floating on the murky water, Link made his way to the observatory basement. “Hey! Wanna dance?” inquired a strangely located scarecrow. Link shook his head and continued up the stairs.

The observatory was unlike any other place in Termina, the interior representing polar opposites. Tinted, black windows lined the walls, with bold, rainbow titles obscuring the floor near the giant telescope. Link enjoyed viewing the night sky very much now, although he could never get a good enough view even from the top of the Clock Tower. Here, he could spot every detail in the heavens, from the shining stars to the distant planets.

Tonight, however, one star burned with an unusually intense glow, almost otherworldly. Its red flames blazed with a violet light. And Link swore he saw the faint outline… of a spiked figure in the inferno.

It’s never over.

That’s all for this month, folks! Be sure to register on our forums and participate in these competitions! We are always looking for more people to enter, so the more the merrier!

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