Hey (listen!), all of the Zelda artists and content creators out there. It’s time to sign up for the fourth annual Linktober Zelda Creator Con! For anyone out there looking to put their art and their love for The Legend of Zelda on display, applications are officially open for this year’s convention!


For those not in the know, Linktober began as a challenge for artists to create works based on the Zelda franchise according to daily prompts. Linktober’s Creator Con, hosted by Joel D. Siegel, is a three-day virtual convention showcasing the work of artists and creators in the Zelda community. Many different modes of expression are included in the show including physical art, photography, and music. This event is a great way to draw attention to the artists in our community and check out some seriously awesome creations. Some of the staff here at ZeldaDungeon have participated in the past, including The Zelda Cast, Heather Beard (Fearless Creative), and Kat Vadam. Maybe we’ll see more from these creators this year!

This year’s Linktober Creator Con will run from June 9th to the 11th. Any returning creators can apply here and first-timers can do so here. Be sure to follow the correct link!

Will you be participating in this year’s Linktober Creator Con? Have you participated in the past? Let us know in the comments below!

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