Zelda Dungeon Marathon 2019:

IEiji Aonuma by CrithonIt’s been a month or so since we last heard any word from Eiji Aonuma, but thanks to an exclusive interview with Edge Magazine that has come to an end. Naturally, the next Zelda game is a going to become a big talking point over the next year and while little things have been slipping out here and there about Zelda Wii and it’s production, it’s still been mostly silent since the art release at E3. Eiji again lets some details slip, more so going into the development cycle of the game itself.

EM: We asked Aonuma about the ‘epic’ feel of Twilight Princess and its subsequent reception, to which he said…

EA: “For Twilight Princess we used the adult Link and one of the interesting things about that was how we considered the precise proportions of Link and the world. The scale is because we aimed for a more realistic quality in the size of the environments of Hyrule and what that Link faced.

But the question is whether or not we were able to incorporate any and all of the interesting game ideas that were able to take advantage of that kind of sheer grand scale within the Zelda universe. I am afraid that definitely no, we were not able to do all the things that perhaps with hindsight we had the capabilities to do. With that as the starting point, we are now developing the Wii version of Legend Of Zelda.

EM: Aonuma went on to admit that the discrepancy between imagination and representation was his greatest regret about the previous Wii game…

EA: “In the case of Spirit Tracks it was relatively easier, because regardless of the actual proportions between the player character and the other objects, we can simply concentrate upon the many game ideas we want to realise. But in the case of trying to depict a relatively photorealistic three-dimensional world, we have to be very careful to adapt the ideas so that they seem to perfectly fit with that world. I must admit that’s actually one of my very greatest regrets as regards the Twilight Princess.”

Unfortunately we don’t have the full interview available to us yet, as the magazine just got released on the 22nd in the UK. We’ll be sure to come back to this at a later date when we can confirm anymore relevant quotes from one of Zelda’s top masterminds.

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