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Majora’s Mask are nothing new in A Link Between Worlds, but we really thought we knew about them all by this point. Turns out, one more reference may still exist, and while it is more subtle, the obvious connections cannot be overlooked. It all has to do with mother Maiamai, and because this does go a bit into spoiler territory I won’t disclose much more just yet. Just be warned that if you read on, you may spoil a sidequest in the game for yourself.

After you collect all 100 Maiamai’s and go speak to Mother Maiamai, a very peculiar event occurs. Mother Maiamai will inform Link (conversely, you) that her and her children are heading off to another dimension:

“You came just in time! It’s a bit sudden, but we must bid you good-bye. I’m off to a different dimension with my Maiamais! Oh! But Mother Maiamai doesn’t even know your name! Ah… Link. What a nice name. There’s nothing more I could do to make it nicer, oh, good friend of mine. My darling tykes owe you their lives. May we see you again, by and by.

Of course, this in that of itself is too little to try and stretch it to mean anything

Majora’s Mask related, but we’re not done just yet. When you leave the cave, the following occurs:

Obviously, this is supposed to signify her and her children teleporting to the alternate dimension. Not necessarily a direct reference to Majora’s Mask, but still we aren’t finished. So, after you reenter the cave:

As you can see, one of her children stayed behind and it just happens to be the 72nd child. There are two things here in particular that you could argue reference Majora’s Mask. For starters, the family left to go to another dimension. The only two alternate dimension we know about is Termina and the Twilight Realm. . There is also the number 72, which we all know that Majora’s Mask takes place within a 72 hour time frame. Between the alternate dimension and the number itself, its a bit too convenient to just be a coincidence. Especially given there are 100 Maiamais total, so really why did it have to be the 72nd?

Given that few have pointed this out to us, we are guessing that most of you overlooked this or simply haven’t experienced it yet. Obviously nothing is really definitive unless it is obvious (Majora’s Mask on Link’s wall), but I firmly believe this is a direct reference. How about you? Does this further along any possibility of Majora’s Mask 3D? Credit goes to Caleb from Zelda Dungeon for the discovery.

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