Another Huge Artwork Update

Snapper Artwork

We have another huge artwork update for you today, this time consisting of 22 new pieces. Pictured to the right is an image of a Snapper, which is a brand new enemy in Spirit Tracks that can be found within the Ocean Temple. I think it’s a rather simple piece but really comes out nicely. While have 22 new pieces and listed below are a few of my personal favorites.

Bullbo by MelonPiranha
ChuChu (Helmet) by NorthApple
Crow by Eddeowl
Dark Train by KillerAslox
Nocturn by NorthApple
Sir Frosty by Toed
Snapper by defno
Snurgle by NorthApple
White Wolfos by Elisa
White Wolfos by MelonPiranha

With this update, our total fan artwork enemy images is now up to 95! As I’ve been getting new submissions I have been updating our Spirit Tracks Enemy Artwork Project and four enemies are now labeled as complete. We still have a ways to go to the finish line for this project, but with the growing number of contributors I like our chances at meeting my original goals with this project.

Check out all 95 images over at our Image Gallery and remember, you can comment directly on each individual image! So go and tell our artists what you think of their work! Remember, check out our project page if you are interested in creating some of your own artwork for the site.

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