Youtube user radicalein recently posted his farewell letter to the animation studio Soup2Nuts, the studio that brought us Home Movies and Dr. Katz,  in the form of an animated adventure in Hyrule. The minute long video shows a comical and maybe a little exaggerated adventure from the point of view of the animator.

The video features many well known elements of the series, from grabbing and flying with a cuccoo, to slaying bouncy octorocks. All while the traditional Zelda theme plays in the background. The video ends with a nod to the animator’s fellow coworkers who looked like they might have been a little used to his shenanigans  and the message Thanks for the Adventures Soup2Nuts.

Even though it is a simple black and white video it is amazingly well done and I believe it captures the style of Zelda perfectly. I especially liked the last part between the character and the Deku Scrub staring each other in the eyes. This was definitely more than what I expected when I saw the first few images of a simple doodle character with a sword in hand.

So what do you think? Did you like the video? Wish that more animators made videos like these? Let us know in the comments below.

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