James Rolfe, the Angry Video Game Nerd, has recently been playing titles on the Phillip’s CD-i machine, as was recently

reported. Part II, pertaining to Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon, has been

released. If you have never seen this game before, prepare your eyes as

you see exactly why Nintendo refuses to acknowledge the three CD-i

titles as part of the main series.

Last time we brought up this particular video series, we had reported it would be in two parts. Well, we we’re wrong. Apparently, it will be a 4 part series, with each part commited to one game. We’re allowed to be wrong every now and then, right?

While I may be one of the few lucky (although, after seeing this video, you may think I am one of the unfortunate) people to actually have played all three games, I must say going into this video that you should be prepared to witness one of the few dark ages in Zelda history. Part three will be coming out next, featuring Link: The Faces of Evil.

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