Most Zelda fans who venture off to the depths of the internet will

eventually come across videos posted on YouTube that showcase animated

scenes from three Zelda games Nintendo wishes had never been made.

These hilariously awful videos have fascinated the community for years,

although very few gamers ever got to experience the games first hand. The

Angry Video Game Nerd plans to present his observation of the games and

the system they appeared on.

Earlier James Rolfe, better known as the Angry Video Game Nerd, had

tackled the complexities of the Zelda timeline as we reported back in

January. The Nerd’s show features reviews and retrospectives of the worst video

games known to man, which makes it all the more shocking to hear that

he’s planning to review Zelda titles. There’s no reason to worry

though, as he stated in the timeline video he actually loves the Zelda

series as much as the next gamer, which is probably what fuels is

hatred for these black sheep of the series.

The video is in two parts and focuses on four games Link: the Faces of

Evil, Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon, Zeda’s Adventure and Hotel Mario. The first episode focuses mainly on the Mario game, but we

are also introduced to the CD-i gaming console and its amazing controllers. The next episode will

be all Zelda, so keep watching this space for an update in the near

future. Without further ado here’s the first episode:

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