Two weeks ago I posted a link to the Angry Video Game Nerd’s review of the dreadful Wand of Gamelon. Well today my friends, it only gets worse. The Nerd has tackled the other two Zelda titles for the Phillips CD-i, ‘Link: The Faces of Evil’ and ‘Zelda’s Adventure’. The first of the two plays almost identically as the Wand of Gamelon, meaning, it is just as horrendous. Zelda’s Adventure really is a breath of fresh air as it is something different, but the relief doesn’t last long because it is just as bad as the other two titles.

The Nerd’s review of these three Zelda titles should break any and all interest of any Zelda fan out there who is even curious enough to even think about wanting to play any of them. They truly are not only the worst ‘Zelda’ titles, but some of the worst video games every created. I don’t consider them ‘Zelda’ games, and the Nerd even points this out at the end of his video review. Be sure to check it out, but beware of the harsh language that comes along with it. Post your thoughts over at the Zelda Dungeon Forums.

Angry Video Game Nerd: CD-i Part 3

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