Amazing Princess Zelda Cosplay

Princess Zelda CosplayCosplay has been a stable in the Legend of Zelda franchise for quite some time. It’s hard to fine any sort of anime or gaming convention where there isn’t some sort of cosplay from the Zelda series. Pictured to your left is a recent Princess Zelda cosplay I found at Unrealitymag. You can view a much larger version, as well as over a dozen more pictures of this Princess Zelda cosplay by clicking here.

I usually dabble more into the world of fan artwork over cosplay, but this Princess Zelda is just amazing. The website labels it as the “Best Princess Zelda Cosplayer in the World”. That’s a matter of opinion, but it sure does look gorgeous. The only complaint that I do have is that the ears just look incredibly fake. If only they were fixed up just a bit, I’d be willing to label this as one, if not thee best Princess Zelda I’ve ever seen. Let us know what you think of this Princess Zelda cosplay in comments below.

Source: Unreality Magazine

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