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This week we bring you more delicious A Link to the Past in the form of the 1991 interview, “The Men Who Made Zelda”. Miyamoto, Kondo, Tezuka, and other developers discuss their feelings on the game, the difficulties they faced, and the changes ALttP went through, in addition to revealing some cool new secrets along the way.

Here are some fun facts from the interview:


How did Chain Chomp end up in Zelda??

We’d had concept art for Bow-Wow lying around for awhile. We’d put it aside thinking we might make use of it if we could, but someone discovered it and ended up using it for their own purposes.


The first LoZ, Hyrule Fantasy, could’ve ended up being a very, very different game…

During the early planning stages for the first game, we were discussing whether or not to use the NES Zapper, but there were a lot of people who didn’t have one. If we’d had the memory for it, though, we might’ve done it.


How did the developers decide on the number of bottles?

We wanted to let the player decide. The people who don’t want bottles don’t have to have them, and the people who want to put fairies in them can fill them with fairies. The people who want to play around a little can stuff them full of bugs. We wanted to expand the number of options available to players.

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