The unthinkable happened tonight: Zelda U capped The Game Awards 2014, though we still don’t have an official trailer. Instead, we got another peak at gameplay and got to watch Eiji Aonuma play the game while he and Shigeru Miyamoto talked about it. Several new things were shown off, such as how the map works on the GamePad, how big the game world is, and how combat works on the horse. Here’s the full video:

Hyrule is Huge, Can Mark Areas on the Map

Eiji Aonuma tried to emphasize this before, but now we get a true understanding of how big Zelda U is. He marked an area on his map that takes a good 10 to 15 minutes to get to, but this was a minuscule area of space, as Eiji Aonuma zoomed all the way out and we got to see just how big the game world should be. It could be the biggest game world ever in a Zelda title.

Returning Elements

The sail cloth from Skyward Sword has returned and yes, the horse Link rides is Epona. Horse combat has returned, but it’s been completely revamped.

New Gameplay Features

Epona appears to be able to auto-run to your destination on the map, automatically avoiding obstacles like trees to give you full control over sword or bow combat. You can also jump high off Epona and fire an arrow during a temporary slow motion state, much like in the E3 reveal earlier this year.

Also, apples grow on trees and can be eaten by Link.

Confirmed Again for 2015

Just to reiterate, Miyamoto stated the game is coming out in 2015. Period. No delays. Miyamoto also announced, for those curious, that a Star Fox game is also coming in 2015 and will release before Zelda U does.

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