Ocarina of Time A Link to the Past Map Comparison

Take a look around the Zelda Informer forums and you’ll find plenty of threads about Hyrule’s geography. Seriously, it has been done to death and many of us are sick of it. So when I was at Zelda Universe and I came across an article on Geography, I didn’t expect much, but what I got was a treat. A part of their “Missing Link” series of articles, Hyrule: A Geography and Cartography by Bastian, is an interesting read.

Bastian contends that the Hyrule seen in most games is just a small part of the large land, like seen in The Adventure of Link, and the reason that explains why every Zelda game has a different map is simply that the map becomes more accurate over time, just like maps of our world did. The article is complete with diagrams and visual comparisons that either stole the “O”s from Google’s logo, or the Olympic rings, I’m not quite sure myself.

Nevertheless, it makes for a quick, interesting and though provoking read. Personally, I would have liked the author to explain how the idea works with the now accepted pre and post flood Hyrule eras, as well as the split timelines, but it was not to be. You can find the article here if you missed it the first time.

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