It was bound to happen eventually. The behemoth of gaming couldn’t just

dominate every top list forever. What’s more astounding though then

that is the game that took the top spot was a fellow first party game,

released on the SNES. Furthermore, that OOT was dropped to 5th, barely

making the top 5. Guinness World Records, what are you thinking?

Super Mario Kart took the top honors on GWR’s recent top 50 most influential console games of all time. Quite an astounding claim, and they don’t really even bother defending their picks. Tetris chimes in at number two, then GTA San Andreas, then Super Mario World, and finally Ocarina of Time. Oh well, at least it still made top 5 right?

Guinness, go back to telling me where I can find the world’s largest pizza. I need some while I play OOT one more time.

Source: Guinness World Records

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