Above is the Song of Healing, which took home the #1 spot on our Top 10 Zelda Scores List back in late 2009. YouTube user CakeJarey recreates music frequently with music and sounds from Final Fantasy VI, and in discovering this he actually has redone give total songs.

As powerful as the original Song of Healing was, something about the piano style Final Fantasy VI brings to it seems to really emphasize the sadness the song is trying to heal throughout the game. As great as the original is, I almost like this remake better.

This one sounds pretty solid as well, but the original Song of Storms still sounds better to me. While different, I don’t think the sounds from Final Fantasy VI really provide enough to improve on the original. Still, any time you can hear the Song of Storms it’s truly a good day (ironically enough!).

The Minish Woods is one song I haven’t heard in ages, likely because I wasn’t the biggest fan of The Minish Cap. As such, it’s hard for me to give a nice comparison analysis. Still, I really enjoy this rendition.

The Minish Village theme, also from The Minish Cap, really sounds a lot like a Golden Sun song with this remake. It’s light, it’s cheery, and it doesn’t sound anything like a traditional Zelda tune. It couldn’t be because Capcom made it could it? Either way, I do remember this tune and I feel this is definitely the superior version.

The Town theme from The Adventure of Link isn’t too memorable, but this rendition does a great job in conveying the style. While I generally love 8 bit music I have to admit that this one is just beautiful. While I am not sold on the piano being the best sound choice from Final Fantasy VI to convey the tone, I think it still fit well and was an overall improvement over the original.

This is arguably the greatest tune from the entire 8 bit era of music, and it comes from one of the unlikeliest of games: Duck Tales – Moon World. The original was fantastic, and even brentalfloss did a song with it. Still, the remake here is fantastic, and love the wind wind instrument used for the melody. Overall, it’s pretty impressive.

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