If you can speak and understand Japanese these videos make more sense to you, but even if you can’t it just gives you a very nice look into a game that western gamers should really be begging Nintendo and Mystwalker to localize. Sure, we’ve heard why Europe doesn’t have it scheduled yet because the translators are busy working on other games right now like Kirby’s Epic Yarn, but still… if they could just get the American translators to do an english version it could already be spread to a few countries. The United States could get it, as well as the UK and Australia. It would also allow english speaking people in other european countries to try their hand at it while they wait for a localized version.

Hop inside to see videos of the combat as well as some pretty epic boss battles.

It’s really astounding just how good looking this game is, both in visuals and in actual game play. This is definitely a full blown RPG, something of which we really haven’t seen since Tales of Symphonia for the GCN, or the port of Sky’s of Arcadia, and then before that going all the way back to when Final Fantasy was still around, or even Secret of Mana. Needless to say this just needs to come stateside. A game this big, and this good, shouldn’t be kept from the western world. We love our RPG’s over here, and this is just the type of third party game that could really be a home run sales wise in the states.

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