Chapter 13 of our A Link to the Past walkthrough just went live! This chapter takes you into the penultimate dungeon of this epic Hyrulean classic – Turtle Rock. Use your Cane of Somaria to create moving platforms that navigate you through deep mineshafts and work your way to the heart of the Dark World’s mirror of Death Mountain to battle the devilish Trinexx. Keep an eye on your Magic Meter as you finish your quest to rescue the maidens and Princess Zelda from Ganon’s hordes!

Today’s update comes alongside another fanart showcase of Matt Cummings’ (a.k.a. Eiffelart) classic A Link to the Past: Boss Overdrive collection. You can check out Matt’s deviantART page here. Don’t forget to show him some support, and visit our Ocarina of Time 3D and Skyward Sword walkthough pages to drive our site content into Ocarina 3D‘s June release.

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