Nintendo 3DS Hardware

Personally I don’t care much for how my consoles work, just so long as they work. I’m all about the software, not the hardware that makes it up. However, there is bound to be some technical junkies out there who would love to see the Nintendo 3DS disassembled. This is for you guys then. It’s a little old, given that I couldn’t post it sooner, but its still interesting nonetheless – if you’re into that stuff.

Nintendo 3DS Blog has posted a collection of over 60 images of both a 3DS development unit and final production design being pulled apart to show you all of the hardware inside. Pretty cool to see what makes up the console that we’re so eagerly awaiting – hardware junkie or not. Check it out here: Disassembled: A (very detailed) inside look at the guts of a Nintendo 3DS.

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