A Zelda Themed Christmas Adventure

Link GiftIf Christmas were celebrated in Hyrule, what sort of gifts do you reckon Link would receive? Perhaps he’d get another tunic, a shiny new hookshot, or maybe a new pair of socks! Whatever the gift he’d probably just be glad he doesn’t have to go adventuring to acquire his new items. Instead he can just find his presents under the tree and open them while sipping his morning coffee. That is unless his wife happens to be Imgur user MangaGurl.

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A whole Zelda themed adventure awaits MangaGurl’s husband this Christmas. In typical Zelda style the gifts have not been put in a single location, but instead are scattered across the land (apartment). Her husband will have to undertake an epic quest to locate them. He will not, however, be left without help in his search.

Apartment Plan

As all Zelda players will know, the location of any chests (gifts) can be found with the help of a map and compass, which MangaGurl has provided for the start of the adventure. The map (above) is an actual plan of their apartment, but done in the style of A Link to the Past! What’s more is that the complete map won’t be available at the beginning, but will be in the form of a puzzle!

MangaGurl did not reveal if she had planned any boss battles during her husband’s quest, but he will be provided with a red potion, thus some life harming event should probably be expected.

Are you expecting any Zelda themed gifts this Christmas? Will you be having a few words with your wife or husband after reading this? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Imgur

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