A New Webmaster

Hello everybody. Many of you may know me strictly from the forums. Others may know that I am the person who designs and codes the layout for our Wind Waker Walkthrough. Needless to say, I work here at Zelda Dungeon as a Staffer, but that’s about to change…

One year ago Mases and I had a conversation about me joining the Zelda Dungeon Staff. One month later I was hired on to help out with the Wind Waker content. I wrote up a walkthrough fairly quickly, and the one I had initially written had never been intended, nor will be seen by public eyes. I then had to take a leave of absence, longer than I had hoped I would have to. I then returned to Zelda Dungeon in late December and continued work on my walkthrough, with the assistance of Josh. Three months after that, Mases and Caleb have seen fit to promote me to a Webmaster position, which I will humbly accept.

Now the timing of this news post may seem suspicious, but I assure you, this had been planned for a couple weeks, we just wanted to wait until the first of the month to announce it, like we do with all promotions.

I’d also like to show you an interesting article we’ve stumbled upon.

Majora’s Mask: Nintendo’s Fluke

This article talks about how Majora’s Mask was a very dark game, darker than some M rated games. It is a very interesting article. You should take a look, especially if you’re a fan of Majora’s Mask.

On a final note, Happy April Fools Day! Remember, don’t believe everything you see! Well, except this news post of course.

~ Dabombster
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