When The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD came out no one in the speedrunning community back then would believe you if you told them the World Record is now 1:28:05. The very first time that has been noted on speedrun.com was 8:47:19 by TRStanzi 3 days after the game was released. Now that time has been brought down to 1:28:05 by the one and only Gymnast86. What helped Gym and other runners bring the time down so fast was the help of Item Sliding which is a trick discovered by Girtana1. Item sliding brought a list of neat tricks like super swimming into the game. If you do not know what super swimming is its a trick that allows you to swim A LOT faster without the need of The King of Red Lions.

Now those tricks let alone wouldn’t bring Any% down to that to a 1:30:00 time. Another trick had to be found. That trick is known as Barrier Skip which was found by again Girtana1 If you would like to learn more about why Barrier Skip is such a big deal I recommend watching this video which explains it in detail. Sad part is that Any% is fun up until Fairy Hover. Which requires you to do a zombie over to the loading zone to the final fight and get hit with a Fairy which is 100% RNG based. As of writing this which is July, 22nd 2017 Gymnast86 holds the Any% World Record for The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD and is the the first person to get an under 1:30 time. If you would like to see more from Gymnast you can follow him on Twitch here. What do you guys think about this insane world record? Would you guys like us to cover more World Records in the Zelda series be sure to let us know!

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