Japan has an interesting application/game that has yet to grace us in the United States, one which happens to recently feature A Link Between Worlds pins/prizes. The program/game is called Badge Center and is available on the 3DS. The application contains several mini game type ordeals that allow you to collect the various A Link Between Worlds pins and can ultimately lead to you getting a free theme for your 3DS itself. If I had to compare it to anything we can already do on the 3DS, I suppose calling it a very different type of “Mii minigames” application would be appropriate. We have some “gameplay” from it, as well as some nice screenshots.

I know this sort of thing is really minor, but I wish we had this locally. Seems like a fun thing to do when you just need to waste a few minutes before the next lecture begins, or while taking a bathroom break.

Source: Twitter

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