We all get inspired by great things: The Legend of Zelda comes to mind, for example. . Many have done wonders with that influence, writing fanfiction, creating beautiful works of art, or even naming their own children in honor of its source (Looking at you, Zelda Williams). One such imaginative individual is indie author J Washburn (yes, his name is not an abbreviation, but is really J), who is asking for $1000 in pledges for his new Kickstarter project. The campaign is for a fantasy novel with a tale that isn’t a far cry from the series we love. The synopsis gives pretty good insight as to what backers are helping create:

“Inspired by classics like Legend of Zelda, SONG OF LOCKE is the story of an ordinary boy. His tale begins when a bloodthirsty band called the Unstoppable Hundred passes through the Enchanted Forest. From a nearby hiding place, Picke—a musical spirit of air—dares Locke to follow the warriors. Little does Locke realize that this small, fateful choice will lead him onto a hero’s path. And, with just enough guts to begin, he soon finds himself on a quest to rescue a Goddess—something he never expected—and a marvelous adventure follows, one with ancient ruins, snarling wolves, magical swords, and dragon flights.”

See what I mean by inspiration? A good deal of this story’s content appears to be reforged from aspects of Zelda; from the protagonist’s name, Locke, to the design of the main character, this author clearly has Link in mind. Regardless of strong similarities between the two, however, I do have faith in the book as J Washburn’s books are well-received for indie titles. But more importantly, what do you guys think of the Kickstarter as Zelda fans and fantasy readers alike? Do you plan to support this book series in the making?

Source: Kickstarter

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