CVG recently posted their thoughts on the Skyward Sword Demo from E3. They were the only ones to complete the dungeon section in the time alloted, so they have a leg up on the rest of the press. Their article mentions that the overall layout of the dungeon is more expansive than we have seen in previous Zelda games. Meaning that rather than heading from one room to another, the dungeon is mostly one huge room with lots of puzzles and a few smaller rooms to move through. It remains to be seen if all the dungeons in Skyward Sword will take this same approach. My hope is that every dungeon in the game will offer something new and unique as is the norm for most Zelda titles. Jump on in to find out more of what CVG had to say!

It has previously been reported that Skyward Sword will have some non-traditional dungeons that could take place in the over world as well. This change-up with the layout of the game and with the dungeons will definitely be interesting and fresh. The CVG post went on to describe how they had the opportunity to fight Lord Ghirahim several times and used very different tactics, such as waiting for him to warp and turning quickly to hit him, only sending his projectiles back at him, and only striking while facing him. Each tactic worked, proving that the enemies in this game will be defeated through several different methods! This is a really interesting discovery, because it could really add replay-ability to what looks to be an amazingly expansive game already! The post concluded that they have only begun to report on their findings and they will reveal more in August.

So, does this excite you as much as it does me? What do you think about the more expansive dungeon layout? How about the ability to personalize your fighting style? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Source: CVG

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