For those not aware, 72 Hours Remain is Webcomic Zelda Informer started back in late 2009, and ran for a solid 3 months before the original artist vanished. We weren’t extremely popular at the time, but the series brought with it a lot of controversy. We have decided to relaunch the series, but fear not folks because there are actually new comics in the works!

We always planned to bring the series back, and now that we actually have new content to present we figured it would be best to reboot the series just so everyone can be on the same page. After all, the comic has been gone for over a year. Hop inside to to see the 72 Hours Remain 001 in all of it’s glory. The comic that started it all. We’ll be releasing the comics rather randomly since we already have a nice batch of the old material around. Once were caught up we’ll likely return to the once a week format with the new stuff.

72 Hours Remain 001

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