As it was reported earlier, a bunch of college kids took on the the challenge of beating the 3D home console Zeldas in 48 hours. Sadly, they didn’t make it, but what they did accomplish was something even more amazing. People started donating staggering amounts of money to fund their escapade (read: to order pizza).

In just 24 hours they received $1260.18 from gamers all over the world. They reported visitors from over 100 countries and got tons of emails concerning their challenge. As they promised earlier, they have already donated the money they raised to Penny Arcade’s charity fund Child’s Play.

You can check out their latest blog entry for all the details. Apparently they’re going for more, completing one game a week starting this Saturday 5 PM CST. They’re aiming to get $10,000 this year to donate to Child’s Play. So go and check them out.

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