Star Fox 64 3DS

IGN recently came upon the specs of the 3DS thanks to some undisclosed sources who have had a lot of direct contact with the system behind closed doors. So without further ado, the Nintendo 3DS specs:

  • 2 266MHz ARM11 CPUs
  • 133MHz GPU
  • 4MBs of dedicated VRAM
  • 64MBs of RAM
  • 1.5GBs of flash storage

In case you’re wondering, this puts it leagues ahead of the Gamecube, and only slightly less powerful than the Nintendo Wii. Thanks to it’s dual processing capabilities, it can technically handle things twice as fast, though presumably this is mostly for the 3D effect.

It has already been reported that if the 3D is turned off, the graphics can actually get even better than we have already seen out of they system, which has shown clear signs of being far superior to the Nintendo 64, with some games being touted as “looking better than current gen Wii games”. A lot of the crisper looking graphics, if I had to guess, is due as well to having a higher resolution screen that is small on the top part of the console, thus producing visuals that look better. We’ve seen HD Wii game screens in the past and they were stunning, so having a more HD type viewing area on a handheld naturally will make things look crisper.

Still, those are some pretty beefy specs. In case your wondering, it blows the PSP out of the water in every single technical aspect imaginable save overall storage, where the UMD disc has the advantage of holding more data. In short, the Nintendo 3DS is a gaming monster. The specs alone practically make it a must buy for any serious gamer. One has to wonder what any competitor outside of Apple is going to be able to do to compete with this new gaming giant.

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