It’s a good time to be a Nintendo fan. Good ol’ Ninty’s been pulling out all the stops in terms of marketing their new handheld, taking pre-release hype to what may be unprecedented levels for any Nintendo machine ever. And now, the 3DS makes it to the biggest source of gaming customers anywhere – the States.

The guy pictured above is named Isaiah-Triforce Johnson, not surprisingly one of the craziest Nintendo fanboys in existence. According to GamingBits, this guy had been camped out waiting for the 3DS launch since Monday! Fans turned out in droves, many cosplaying their favorite Nintendo characters with all the fanaticism of a movie premier or anime convention. It was sheer madness, yes, but it was from what we understand a beautiful insanity.

Best_Buy_3DS_Launch_event_pic2.jpgProud prospective 3DS owners gathered and ceremoniously tossed countless pairs of 3D glasses into the air. Reggie’s wise words from E3 – “It’s those darn glasses” – come to mind. From there, the doors opened, and Reggie was there to sell Mr. Johnson the very first 3DS unit ever (legally) purchased in America. (You can see him in the header photo, chillin’ like a champion.)

We’ve already delivered a review from Europe, courtesy of Matt Friett, but look forward to more post-launch impressions from more of our staff, including a few other returning and thought to be long-lost faces.

Source: GamingBits


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