One thing I don’t think anyone’s talked about nearly enough is Nintendo’s plan to offer “3D Classics” remastered in full 3D on the 3DS. This was hinted at back at last year’s E3 but finally confirmed at GDC. It sounds like the idea is a lot broader-reaching than just a couple remakes like the Ocarina of Time and StarFox 64 updates or ports of old PS2 games like Tales of the Abyss, and will include a lot of old favorites from Nintendo’s 3D library. We don’t yet know if this offer is going to be limited to N64 titles or if we might see GameCube releases as well, but I get the feeling that Nintendo wants to use this opportunity to bring new gamers a lot of the older experiences in the hopes of bridging the gap between new and old customers.

So I’m posing the question to you, dear readers: what would you like to make a comeback on the 3DS? Personally, I’m hoping for Donkey Kong 64 and Majora’s Mask, but there’s a wealth of great 3D games that I’m sure you all would love to see to. Let us know in the comments section!

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