2009 Game Developers Conference

Satoru Iwata, president of Nintendo, will be giving a keynote speech tomorrow morning at the Game Developers Conference. The keynote speech is set to being at 12pm Eastern Standard time, and is scheduled to last one hour. Ever since last summers disappointing E3 for Zelda fans, where some of the leaders of Nintendo stated that E3 was no longer a place for hardcore games to be announced, many of us Zelda fans have been eagerly anticipating this years GDC.

So why should we be hyped about GDC this year? If you recall three years back, the first glimpses of Phantom Hourglass were revealed at GDC 2006. It was a full-blown trailer of the game, showing off its gameplay and the use of the Nintendo DS stylus. This, along with Nintendo’s reluctance to announce hardcore games at E3, makes it seem very possible that we could be seeing something from the new Zelda. Additionally, there are rumors floating around about the long-lost Kid Icarus title, as well as a potential new Ice Climber game. It’s unlikely that we will be seeing all three of these announced tomorrow, but I have my fingers crossed that we’ll see one of them, preferably Zelda. Be sure to check back here at Zelda Dungeon tomorrow for the latest announcements from Nintendo at GDC.

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